Æon Flux

Karyn Kusama

2 December 2005

Charlize Theron as Æon Flux

The 2005 film Æon Flux, based upon an MTV show by the same name, explores the life of a Monican secret agent.  Her name is Æon Flux.  The Monicans are a band of rebels who aim to overthrow the oppressive Bregnan government.  Here is a quote from the trailer, spoken by the protagonist:

We are in the last city on earth.  Some call it the perfect society, but others know better.

Government control is total.  People disappear as though they never existed.  But there are rebels who believe in freedom, and who fight in the name of the disappeared.  I am one of them.

Independent thought and freedom from the state are two very noticeable libertarian themes in this wonderful science fiction movie.  The plot is well-constructed, and the science fiction elements are imaginative.  Finally, the cinematography is simply stunning.



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