Harrison Bergeron

Jacob Whiton


Written for the screen by Jacob Whiton and Avi Ballo and directed by Jacob Whiton, “Harrison Bergeron” is a very low budget libertarian short based loosely on the Kurt Vonnegut short story of the same title.  It is about a student filmmaker named Harrison Bergeron, played by none other than Jacob Whiton.  Bergeron wishes to pursue his artistic vision in defiance of the so-called authorities that have revoked his “creation privileges.”  In the face of this censorship, Bergeron opts to break into a news studio and broadcast, live, his view that there is “something very wrong with the world that we live in.”  In the end, he is captured and presumably killed by masked agents of the Handicapper General, listed in the credits as Thought Police.

Video uploaded to the Internet by YouTube user InvertedMongoose.

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A year after the above movie was made, Chandler Tuttle directed his own adaptation of Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron,” which he titled 2081.  It is of a much higher quality than the above movie, and is also much truer to Vonnegut’s original work.  I highly recommend checking it out.

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