Minority Report

Excerpts From the Movie


1  Red Ball

2  The Arrest of Howard Marks

Preemtive Arrest

John Anderton:

Mr. Marks, by mandate of the District of Columbia Precrime Division, I’m placing you under arrest for the future murder of Sarah Marks and Donald Dubin that was to take place today, April 22, at 0800 hours and four minutes.

Howard Marks:

No!  I didn’t do anything.

John Anderton:

Give the man his hat.

Howard Marks:

Oh, God.  Don’t put that halo on me!  Sarah!


Put your hands on your head.

Howard Marks:

Help me!  I wasn’t going to do anything!

3  Clarity

4  Pre-Determination

A Fundamental Paradox

Danny Witwer:

I’m sure you all understand the legalistic drawbacks to Precrime methodology.

Jeff Knott:

Here we go again.

Danny Witwer:

Look, I’m not with the A.C.L.U. on this, Jeff, but let’s not kid ourselves: we are arresting individuals who have broken no law.


But they will.

Gordon Fletcher:

The commission of the crime itself is absolute metaphysics.  The Precogs see the future, and they’re never wrong.

Danny Witwer:

But it’s not the future if you stop it.  Isn’t that a fundamental paradox?

5  Can You See?

Subhumanising the “Precogs”

John Anderton:

It’s better if you don’t think of them [the Precogs] as human.

The Power of the Interpreters

Danny Witwer:

The oracle isn’t where the power is, anyway.  Power has always been with the priests, even if they had to invent the oracle.

Witwer explains the flaw

The Flaw is Human

John Anderton:

Cut the cute act, Danny Boy, and tell me exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Danny Witwer:


John Anderton:

There hasn’t been a murder in six years.  There’s nothing wrong with the system; it is—

Danny Witwer:

Perfect.  I agree.  But there’s a flaw: it’s human.  It always is.

Can You See?



6  Ann Lively

7  Case 1109

8  Everybody Runs

Everybody Runs

Lamar Burgess:

You can’t run, John.

John Anderton:

Everybody runs.

The Sick-sticks

Gordon Fletcher:

Get your sick-sticks ready.

9  Auto Assembly Line

10  History of the Pre-Cogs

Enslavement of the Innocent For the Supposed “Greater Good”

Iris Hineman:

(laughs)  If the unintended consequences of a series of genetic mistakes and science gone haywire can be called invention, then yes, I invented Precrime.

John Anderton:

You don’t seem all that proud.

Iris Hineman:

I’m not.  I was trying to heal them, not turn them into something else.

John Anderton:

Heal who?

Iris Hineman:

The innocents we now use to stop the guilty.

Conflicting Premonitions

Iris Hineman:

I can’t help you; nobody can.  The Precogs are never wrong.  (pause)  But occasionally, they do disagree.

John Anderton:


11  Minority Reports

12  Eyeworks

13  Public Pool

14  The Spyders

State Terror


They’re crying their eyes out; you terrified them!

Jeff Knott:

If you don’t want your kids to know terror, keep ’em away from me.

15  Agatha is the Key

16  Downloading Agatha

Rufus Riley’s preemtive apology

Is It Now?


Is it now?  I’m tired; I’m tired of the future.

Preemtive Apology

Rufus Riley:

I’m sorry for whatever I’m gonna do…and I swear, I didn’t do any of that stuff I did.

17  Balloon Man

18  Leo Crow



You have a choice.  Walk away.  Do it now.

John Anderton:

I can’t; I have to know.  I have to find out what happened to my life.



John Anderton:

Agatha, I’m not going to kill the man; I don’t even know him.

You Still Have a Choice!

John Anderton:

You said it yourself: there is no minority report.  I don’t have an alternative future.  I am going to kill this man.


You still have a choice.  The others never saw their future.  You still have a choice!

19  An Echo

20  So Much Love in This House

21  All Thumbs

22  A World Without Murder

The Ends Does Not Justify the Means

John Anderton:

Hello, Lamar.  I just wanted to congratulate you.  You did it: you created a world without murder.  And all you had to do was kill someone to do it.

23  Forgive Me John

24  In Peace (End Credits)

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