The Mitchell Case

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This editorial can be cited as “The Mitchell Case,” Left and Right: A Journal of Libertarian Thought 2, no. 1 (Winter, 1966): 18.

The case of David H. Mitchell, the young man who is challenging-the very basis of the conscription law, was treated in our previous issue (Conrad J. Lynn, “The Case of David Mitchell versus the United States, LEFT AND RIGHT (Autumn, 1965)).  On January 13, 1966, the United States Court of Appeals unanimously reversed David Mitchell’s conviction in the lower courts, and ordered a new trial on grounds of Mitchell’s having been deprived of enough time to obtain legal counsel  The case will now be retried in the lower courts  We are happy to report that, under the direction of the eminent civil libertarian lawyer Fyke Farmer, Mitchell’s case will be made, among other possible points, on the constitutional lines indicated in our previous issue.

With the draft reaching out to threaten more and more American families as the war in Vietnam escalates in destruction, the case of David Mitchell becomes ever more important as a defense of liberty in the United States  But Mr. Mitchell greatly needs funds to pursue this vitally important case and to stay out of prison while the case is being conducted  Anyone who wishes to support his endeavor should send funds to:


℅ Mitchell

150 Crown Street

Brooklyn, N. Y. 11225