Alms for the Aged!

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This letter can be cited as Kerry Thornley, “Alms for the Aged!” Left and Right: A Journal of Libertarian Thought 3, no. 2 (Spring–Summer, 1967): 62.

Opponents of Social Security and Medicare are often unthinkingly accused of cruelty to old people.  A good answer to any such charge may be given in the form of a proposal for legislation—namely, that when an individual reaches the age of 65 the government refund to him, in lump sum and with interest, every cent it has taken from him through taxation during his lifetime.  In addition to correctly fixing the blame for the poverty which many old people suffer in this society, this program has the advantage of exposing the welfare statists for the pikers they really are.

Once this legislation is passed, backers of the program can begin pushing to extend the coverage to include younger people—also demanding that the amount be increased to compensate for losses in purchasing power due to inflation.  Eventually the law can be expanded to include everyone and its execution can be simplified by doing away with taxation altogether.

Then, if the government will just stop printing and minting worthless money and thus causing inflation, alms for the aged will nevermore be needed.

Kerry Thornley*




* Kerry Thornley is a Contributing Editor of the Innovator, the author of Oswald and a contributor to Fact and Cavalier magazines.