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John Hospers and the Libertarian Temperament

26 May 2009 — Mr. Hospers argues that anarchists have a psychological defect that causes them to engage in irrational, immature methods of discussion.  However, Mr. Hospers’s stereotype does not hold up under scrutiny.  Neither minarchists nor anarchists have a monopoly on derailing communication.  We must learn this if we are to learn to work together toward our common goals.




Anarchy is Coming to America

23 May 2009 — A new web-series, Anarchy in America, will explore the possible breakdown of American government in the year 2013.

Anthony Gregory on Peaceful Dissent and Government Crackdowns

19 March 2009 — A recent memo to the state of Missouri disgustingly conflates libertarians with various right-wing terrorists.  Anthony Gregory gives a brief history of government crackdowns on peaceful dissenters.




Happy St. Patrick’s Day

17 March 2009 — Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Last Free Voice blog.

John Stossel Takes On the Bailouts

17 March 2009 — On Friday, March 13th, John Stossel hosted a 20/20 special on the economy, pointing out that the bailouts and stimuli plans will do nothing to improve our current condition.




It’s the Economy, Stupid!

17 March 2009 — Government spending increased at a quicker pace under the Bush regime than under than any of the six presidents prior to him, including L.B.J.  We now are all feeling the pain caused by Bush’s irresponsible, big-government spending policies.




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Here one will find an archive of some of the many dreams I’ve had and continue to have.  Some are long, some are short—most are weird.


This page will serve as an archive for some of my various fictional works, whether they be short stories or long narratives.


Read my adventures in reading.  When one says she or he is live-blogging a book, this means that she or he is reading the book and then writing her or his thoughts about each chapter or section as she or he goes along.


An archive of my poems, listed in alphabetical order, is found here.


This page is a quick source for various Peakian quotes uttered over the years.

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Texts Others Have Written

Many amazing people have written many amazing things, from John Locke’s Second Treatise to the Tannehills’ The Market for Liberty, from Robert Frost’s poetry to Einstein’s The Theory of Relativity.  This page is intended to serve as an archive for some of these great works.

A Stoner’s Trip

This is a fictional series written from the perspective of a man, George Bookman, who occasionally uses drugs and records the mental and physical effects they have on him.  He’s also an anarchist and, as such, interspersed in his journal record are his social and political views.

The Church of Liberty

Although I am agnostic, I do find religions interesting.  This one has but one commandment, and holds that God is freedom.