School Faces Lawsuit Over “Pro-Gay” Book

Alexander S. Peak

4 August 2005

According to World Net Daily:

The dispute began last spring when Parker’s then-5-year-old son brought home a book to be shared with his parents titled, “Who’s in a Family?”  The optional reading material, which came in a “Diversity Book Bag,” depicted at least two households led by homosexual partners.

”There’s a larger issue here locally and nationally and internationally about the role of family and what kind of encroachments government can make into children's and people’s lives,” Denner told reporters.

The illustrated book, according to the local non-profit group Article 8 Alliance, says, “A family can be made up in many different ways” and includes this text:

“Laura and Kyle live with their two moms, Joyce and Emily, and a poodle named Daisy.  It takes all four of them to give Daisy her bath.”

This was upsetting to the father, and he now wants to pull his children out of certain classes.

Article 8, an opponent of the state’s same-sex marriage law, says the book “uses subtle but powerful emotions to normalize homosexual relationships in the minds of the young children.”

People like this father are the reason I think schools should be privatised.  Why should all the students be subjected to heterosexual-only education on account of just one father?  If we privatise education, then parents will have to shop around for schools of their choice (or to home-school), and so parents that don’t want their children subjected to heterosexual-only education won’t have to have that.  I know if I had kids, I wouldn’t want them subjected to heterosexual-only education.

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