Stapping Into Solo Position: New and Improved, or Same Old Creed?

Alexander S. Peak

4 December 2005

I recently heard the new Scott Stapp song on the radio as I was driving around campus delivering mail.  And to be honest with you, it wasn’t that bad. It was pretty good.

So, I’m questioning myself, will his music be good now that he is away from his band, Creed; or will it suck as much as Creed’s music sucked?

I honestly can’t tell.  Yes, I said this song was good.  But, will it be good the second time I listen to it, or the third?

You see, Creed never sucked the first time you heard one of their songs.  Every time they released a new song, you were stunned that they, Creed, had been able to write something so good.  It wasn’t until after a few times of hearing it that you grew to hate it.

And by “you,” I really mean “me.”

Just because Scott Stapp’s new song, “The Great Divide,” sounded great the first time I heard it does not mean I’ll like it the second time.  As of yet, I cannot judge whether Stapp is new and improved or not.

Only time will tell.

Addendum – June 2009

Time chose not to tell.  The song and its singer were never heard from again.

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