Liberal Fascism: A Letter to National Review

Alexander S. Peak

14 January 2008

The biggest mistake libertarians ever made was allowing the democratic socialists to appropriate the term “liberal” from them.  The unfortunate ramifications of this error are evident in Jonah Goldberg’s “A Half Century’s Slander” (January 28).

Although I wish to praise Mr. Goldberg for at least knowing his stuff—something most pundits do not—I nevertheless think it’s a mistake to pretend that free-market capitalism belongs anywhere other than on the left, or that Mr. Bush even vaguely resembles a free marketeer.

Fascism—a form of socialism developed by Mussolini—is a very prevalent form of socialism in contemporary American culture, and a very real threat to Liberty.  The ideology elevates the state to a god-like status, which Democrats and Republicans alike have been all too willing to do.

Goldberg considers Mrs. Clinton a fascist.  I agree.  But, can someone explain to me the difference between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Bush?

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