A Stoner’s Trip

DISCLAIMER:  This is fictional story.  It is an instalment of a series of fictional stories involving drug use as a central plot theme.  Reader discretion is advised.  The provision of this story over the Internet, or through any other means of communication, is not to be interpreted as a suggestion or recommendation to use drugs.  The reader assumes any and all responsibilities derived from his or her actions.

2008 09 21, Drunk Again—and Hung Over, by George Bookman (.txt)

On Saturday evening and into Sunday morning, I once again got drunk.  This time I was drinking shots of cherry vodka, which was not as disgusting as regular vodka, but disgusting nonetheless.

I had eight or nine shots over the course of the night, with most being consumed during the first hour.  I found that five were all that was necessary to induce the high.

I went to sleep around five a.m., I believe, and woke up around ten a.m. with a slight headache that got worse throughout the day.  Around two or three p.m. today, we went out to buy some food.  Although I’ve never experienced car sickness in my life, I did not find the car-ride to be particularly pleasant.  My stomach didn’t wish for me to forget.

I bought a ham calzone and some sort of blue drink, and we drove back to the apartment where I consumed these items.  I had initially thought that getting food into my stomach would be a solution to most of my problems, but learned quickly that, despite the wonderful taste of the food, a solution it was not.  A friend gave me a couple ibuprofen.  I napped from four to five p.m., and upon waking, discovered my headache to have disappeared.

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