Alex Peak


2008/05/24:  Partying in Confusion

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I and a group of friends—who, precisely, I cannot remember—were in some sort of hotel.  I do not recall what we were doing there, but we found ourselves eventually in a line to see or participate in some sort of attraction.

The line steadily moves ahead.  When I finally get to the front of the line, there is a woman sitting there with a book, talking to participants as they pass her.  It becomes clear to me that she is preaching to individuals, trying to get people interested in saving their souls.  When the person behind me, whom I’m with, discovers the intention of this woman, she ignores the woman so as to not have to deal with the preaching.  Nobody with whom I’m there wishes to give her the metaphoric time of day, other than myself.  I’m willing to at least listen to her.  But then it comes time to go inside the room.

Once I get inside, I quickly come to the conclusion that it is nothing special.  People are sitting at this certain table getting their picture taken, although I fail to see what’s so special about the table.  The room is dark, but lit enough to have no problem seeing.  There are other tables in this room as well, and many people walking and talking; but none of these tables are supposedly as special as the one at which people are getting taken their pictures.

I am more interested in the free food than anything else here.  The food is in the back, or on the side, depending upon where you’re standing.  The table is like a buffet, but it’s built into the wall.  One of the items to be eaten looked like a piece of fried food in the shape of a bunny.  I didn’t eat that item, as I don’t like extra-crispy; but I ate most of the other items available.

Then we exit the room.

I’m not sure if this is a hotel or a mall.  Now that I think of it, it might be a mall.  Either way, nothing about this building seems special enough to warrant my being there.

It seems that Elaina Wise has invited me, along with a bunch of other people, to a party.  Many of the people she invited in this dream are people who I do not believe she actually knows in real life.  Why it was her that invited me, and not someone more realistic, I know not.  But in any event, the party was to be at her place and involve a variety of my friends, some whom I haven’t seen in a couple years.

But, I’m not at this point looking for a ride.  I’m busy getting more food, now from a cafeteria-like area.  I noticed friends had cereal, and so I decided to get some for myself.  Instead of milk, the liquid was some sort of blueberry juice-like stuff mixed with, I believe, strawberry juice-like stuff.  Added to the cereal were various other items you wouldn’t expect, such as Reese’s Pieces and graham cracker.  It took a while getting all this together.  By the time I got to the table, everybody was gone.  I’d had taken too long getting the cereal, and it was getting late.

I called Paul Kelly to see if he was going and could give me a ride.  He was, and would.

I recall him and I walking through what could have been a hotel or a very large apartment building.  We got to the door, and went in.  The apartment was extremely large, well out of the price range for average college students.  I spent much of the time at the party just hanging out in the two-bedded room with Dan Cogut, who I haven’t seen in a couple years, and his friends.

The dream at some point mutated, as dreams so often do, and I was with Ali Judge in New Jersey.  I don’t recall anything that happens between her and I, any conversation we have, until we are driving back to her place.  She’s behind the wheel, but says she’s getting tired.  So, she gives me the responsibility to steering—from the passenger seat.  She, apparently, was going to maintain control over the pedals.

At some point, our drive to her place turned into a video game of sorts  Specifically, we had the objective not only of getting to her place, but also of avoiding any witches or vampires along the way.

As we progress on our journey, the road becomes narrower, and her car has to become a bike.  How it becomes a bike, and how we are both able to sit on it, I know not.  What I do know is that we had to stay on this dark, winding, narrow road for there was no land at all on either side of it.  Go a little too far one way or the other, and we fall to our doom.  Amazingly, we’re able to navigate this dark, winding, narrow road effortlessly and at a high speech.

Insofar as we were still literally trying to get to her place, this was not game-like.  In every other way, however, it was.

Unfortunately for us, a witch appears ahead of us, and we have to start going uphill on this dark, winding, narrow road so as to avoid said witch.  At this point, it becomes entirely a game, not a life-or-death situation.  The game that Ali and I are playing, it turns out, was designed by her father’s company, The Judge Group, Inc.  Ali schedules a meeting with her father, John Judge, and the three of us discuss ideas for improving the marketing of the game.

The dream again mutates.  I am at Towson University.  Something is going on involving television channels or dream-world love triangles or even love quadrilaterals.  I can’t remember anything else about this section of the dream.

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