Alex Peak


2008/07/04:  Anarchy in the Gamma Dimension

Also available in .txt.

I’m travelling back and forth between our dimension and an alternate one.  Or, perhaps I’m time traveling.  Or both—probably both.

Anywho, I find myself going back in time to facilitate, or to try to stop, Philip J. Fry (from Futurama) from giving a speech in which he makes note that we’re in Universe Gamma.

At some point I am Fry, and I’m in an egg with Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  He’s not supposed to be in this egg with me, but somehow he is.  So, when the egg hatches, the person who loves me leaves me because, by having Carl in my egg with me, I have somehow cheated on her.

Later, it is discovered that the reason so much stuff happens in the neighbourhood of the Hunger Force is that Carl generates evil, and therefore it’s he that attracts all these things.

Later, I’m attending an anarchist event.  But first we show up at some sort of store that sells music DVDs and old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures.  The event is being organised in opposition to President Bush.  I see a little walk-way, on the left-hand-side of which you can read pro-Bush plaques and posters; on the right-hand-side, pro-anarchy signs and plaques.  I’m happy to see market anarchist signs among them.

At some point, I’m in the President’s office, which is oddly small and rectangular, not to mention cluttered.  I am writing him a note expressing dissent.

At some point in the dream, I’m walking past a field, and meet someone who claims to be Jonathon A. Ebbers.

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