Alex Peak


2008/07/19:  The Haunted Antique Shop

Also available in .txt.

The earliest part of this dream I can remember involves me pulling green globules out of my throat.

After the Button Jar, a consignment shop my grandmother used to own, was sold, it became an antique shop.  In this dream, the antique shop is closing.  I am there, and am realising that it is haunted.  Suddenly fake memories fiood back to me of experiencing paranormal activity there back when it still was the Button Jar.

The haunted nature of the shop causes me to time travel.  It also places me in my grandparents’ bedroom, although I’m not entirely positive I’m actually out of the shop.  This haunted presence is potentially evil.

Other notes I made to myself after having this dream tell me that it had something to do with an Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD, and the “ability to jump and virtually ‘fly’ through hallways.”  In other words, gravity had a very delayed effect, and I could stay relatively close to the ceiling of the hallway for an abnormally-long time.

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