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2009/02/12:  Totally Random

Also available in .txt.

When I woke, I wrote some notes to myself.  I no longer have a clue to what they refer.  I shall first present the notes as they appear, and then I shall ponder on what they could mean.

Kirby — Presidency — positive-positive — correct — downstairs — bed — now more people — they shuffle through my suitcase — messed up stuffed animals — Ds — cats cannot conceive — got them fish on leash — Mike concerned as they pass — go outside — my house — dragons w/ fam about construction — is this a prison — faster with some famous guy, friend wants to arm-wrestle — driving — moving yellow lines — suggestion — computer & table and food

Professor Kirby is a teacher at Towson, and currently is teaching a class on the presidency.  I’m in this class.  Positive-positive refers to a type of president, according to the psychological approach to studying the institution of the presidency; however, it’s supposed to be called active-positive.  In the dream, I call it positive-positive, and am considered correct.

It seems I have stuffed animals in this dream, that they’re in a suitcase, and that people are making them unorganised.

For some reason, cats are capable of being pet-owners in this dream.  They have fish as pets, and the fish are attached to leashes that the cats are holding.  The fish need not be in water, and are swimming through the air, held back by nothing but the leash.

I think the Mike in this dream is a co-worker, not my libertarian friend Mike Lucido.  I assume “fam” means family.  I think “moving yellow lines” might refer to the median.  Perhaps it was waving about, instead of staying still.

The rest is a mystery.

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