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What economist are you?

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My Answers

1. Are Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and the FOMC good for the economy or bad?

good if they look out for the little guy
Ha! They are mere tools of the bourgeoisie capitalists!
who, who, and what?
good if they keep inflation down
good of course
depends if Bush selected them or Obama
ultimately they'll bring the economy down

2. If a factory produces more goods than consumers wish to buy...

the consumers are too poor
give tax payers a stimulus check
lower the interest rates
blame the Republicans
it'll sort itself out eventually
lower taxes
they are scalping poor consumers!

3. Obama wants closer ties with Cuba...

hopefully with regulated trade
Cuban needs must be protected
stupid Democrats
this should lower import costs
as long as trade is not regulated
it's about time!
only to enslave the Cuban proles!

4. Who would you pick for president, Obama, McCain, or another?

Obama, stupid Republicans
Ralph Nader
Obama, with reservations
McCain, whole heartedly
Ron Paul
McCain, with major reservations
both are capitalist swine!

5. What is a good tax rate?

whatever can be maintained
0% on the poor, 90% on the rich!
as low as possible
low for poor people, but higher for those who can pay
Democrats always raise taxes!
0%, all taxes lead to destruction
whatever doesn't disturb business

6. Do you agree with corporate bailouts?

yes, but only to save workers' jobs
stupid Republicans!
no, they are not fair
yes, to revitalize the economy
no, they are too expensive
no, they destroy the free market
no, they kick proles when they're down!

7. What will you be doing in 4 years?

overtaxed, stupid Democrats!
working with impoverished children
living frugally, enjoying life
buying stuff for my new house
starting my own company
starting a revolution!
working for a large company

(Naturally, I would hope that I’d be able to give the second-to-last answer as well as the third-to-last, but most likely I’ll still be working off my student loans and living frugally.)

8. What do you think of George Bush's "war on terror"?

I was too busy starting a company to notice
he's a murderer of revolutionaries!
good for business
I hope the Iraqis are OK
America can't afford it!
stupid Republicans!
how does it help me?

(Option two would be my answer had it only included the first three words.)

My Results

F. A. Hayek

Friedrich von Hayek

You know stress kills faster than nicotine. You trust in the goodness of mankind. You may have seen the abuses of out of control government first hand. You realize inflation for the tax on society that it is and you realize government spending causes inflation. You see the correlation between spending and inflation. You believe that the central bank is bad for the well-being of the average citizen. You also understand that any economic planning by government to help regulate the economic markets eventually lead to loss of individual liberties as well. After all, governments don't give to money away for free; there's no such thing as a free lunch.