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Political Quizzes

Anarchism Test, The

Anarchy and Anarchism

Are u a fascist ?

are you an anarchist

Are you an anarchist?

Are you an Anarchist or Conservative?

Are you conservative, libertarian, or liberal? Or would you rather be a pig?

Are you a democrat, republican, anarchist, libertarian, communist, or a moderate?

Are you a Dirty Hippie, a Yippie Liberal, a Mildly Insane Gun Toting Libertarian, or a Greedy Capitalist?

Are you a Republican?

Are you fascist garbage?

Are you Libertarian?

Communist, Fascist, or something else

Communist? Fascist? Democrat? Republican? Socialist? Anarchist?

Do you want to start the Revolution?

How Fascist are you?

How Liberal / Conservative Are You?

how much of an anarchist are you ?

Leader Test

Libertarian Purity Test


OkCupid! Politics Test

Party Matchmaking Questions

Political Quiz Show

Political Compass, The

Political Survey, very humorous. R u libertarian, liberal, or conservative?

Politics Test, The


Statist or Anarchist?

What are your views on Anarchy?

What kind of an Anarchist are you?

What kind of anarchist are you?

What kind of anarchist are you?

What kind of anarchist are you: the sequel

What Type Of Anarchist Are You?

What type of anarchist are you?

What Type of Feminist Are You?

Which 19th Century Anarchist Are You?

Which Libertarian Revolutionary are You?

Which perception of a political party are you?

Will you survive the fascist police state?

Whig vs. Federalist Quiz

World’s Smallest Political Quiz

Would You Have Been a Nazi Test, The

Economic Quizzes

What economist are you?

Musical Quizzes

Are you a Nirvana fan?

Are You Really A Punk?

Emo Test

Goth Test

Grunge Test

Metal Head Test

Punk Rock Test

Raver Test

Ska Test

What Famous Singer are u most like?

Who is your true favorite band?

Miscellaneous Quizzes

Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test, The

How Slutty Are You?

Personality Defect Test, The

Promiscuous Test

South Park Character...

What would you most likely get arrested for?

Which random GIR quote are you?

The Your Type of Girl Test, The