Alex Peak

How Slutty Are You?

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My Answers

Do you like boys?

Hell yeah!
No! They're sickos
Uhm, sure why not?
Boys are toys!
Sort of...

How often do you kiss?

All the time! Whoot Whoot!
I've never been kissed!
Just sometimes when he makes the move!
A few here, A few there.. A few everywhere!
Only once, and never will i kiss again!

Are you a player?

Of course I am!
No, I make commitments
If there's a good reason to..
Wat is a player?!?
maybe.. maybe not..

Do you flirt at all?

All the time! I'm a pro...
Only if they flirt, i flirt back
Uh, what's flirting?
When I'm bored
just sometimes.. im not that good YET!

What kind of games do you play?

Duck Duck Goose!
Strip-poker! Hell Yeah!
Huh?!? wat's gong on?
Board Games! Ya hoooooo!
how about just plain old stripping?

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