Alex Peak

Are You Really A Punk?

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My Answers

What do you normally wear?

Spikes, leather jacket, patches, buttons, etc.
Band t-shirt and jeans
Stuff from Pac Sun
Whatever is in my closet.
Abercrombie and Hollister, of course.

(I.e. whatever is in my closet.)

What do you listen to?

Blink 182, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte
Anti-Flag, Against All Authority, The Ramones, Pennywise, but if any of my bands that I like are on the radio or MTV, they autom
Finch, the Used, Dashboard Confessional, Saves the Day
I listen to any brand of punk music I want to, even if they are labeled sell-outs. I dont care if other people call them sell-ou
Other, I dont know any of these bands!

What do you think of anarchy?

People need to stop with this anarchy shit
Whats anarchy?
Anarchy is okay

What do you think of posers?

You spelled "posers" wrong.
People need to stop with this poser shit too; everyone is a poser in some way.
Posers suck
What's a poser?

(Also, “poseur” is spelled incorrectly.)

Do you have "punk", "skater", "surfer" or "x" anywhere in your screen name/email address in any kind of form?


What do you think of mohawks?

Mohawks rule; thats all I've got to say.
People spend way too much time trying to look that way.
Mohawks are like, so totally ugly!
Meh, mohawks are okay.

Are you anti-social?

Yes, I hate people
Yes, I seclude myself from people.
No, I have friends
I have a whole mob of friends!

Are you straight edge?

What's straight edge?

If so, why are you straight edge?

Because I'm hardcore
Because my parents will kick the shit out of me if I do drugs or drink.
I'm straight edge because I WANT to be straight edge
I'm not straight edge.

What do you consider yourself?

I'm a mix
Er, what?
I dont know what I consider myself.

What do you think of labels?

Meh, I don't really have anything to say about labels.
Labels? I don't label people
Everyone is labeled, we can't escape from it.
What's a label?

My Results

You are truly a punk (even though you think punk is dead). You honestly dont care what other people think of your music, clothes, hair, whatever. You're just yourself and thats cool.