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Anarchy and Anarchism

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Which words would you associate most closely with anarchism?

creativity and autonomy

Have you ever heard of an anti-anarchist law?

Of course. It was created around 1803 with the primary purpose to keep foreigners deemed to have anarchist ideas out of the U.S.
Um, no.
Who cares about boring laws? Anarchy is about being a hardcore punk rocker!!
Yes, and it was a damn good law too. Anarchists are evil.

Which of the following people were ALL famous anarchists?

Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Mikhail Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin
some of them were famous?
Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten
Stalin, Lenin, Saddam Hussein, all those evil people were in league with the anarchists!

(It would be foolish, would it not, simply to accept the claim that one is an anarchist without looking into the philosophy of said one to determine whether aggression, the very antithesis of anarchism, is promoted in some way thereby?)

What is a black bloc?

erm...a bloc thats black?
A group of anarchists (or anti-capitalists), usually dressed in black and often in masks, that, at protests, usually engages in
Those damn anarchists hell-bent on destruction and evil!
I don't think that has anything to do with moshing and being hardcore, so I don't care.

Why are many anti-capitalists against "free trade"?

AGAINST? Why would ANYONE be against Free Trade and Globalization?? They are great ideas!
I really don't know...sorry...
Sid Vicious said so!! Nyah! I'm gonna go wreak havok in the mosh pit!!
I believe that Free Trade and Globalization prepetuate the ills of capitalism, such as the ever expanding disparity between the

(Free trade can only be suppressed through the state apparatus.)

Finally, how much do you think you know about anarchism?

I guess I know a lot about it, but I know it's important to keep learning about things that interest me!
I know ALL about it, and ALL about punk rock and hardcore too! POSERS BEWARE!!
I know enough to know that anarchists are bomb-throwing terrorists!
Honestly, I really don't know much at all...

My Results

You know a good deal about anarchism, or at least had lucky guesses. If you're not already out there, get out and join up with the black bloc or some anti-cap. kids!