Alex Peak

Are u a fascist ?

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My Answers

1. Is your name Tal Shildan ?

I dont remember

2. Do u believe in a strong leader that will solve all our problems ?

I am an anarchist I Donít believe in leaders
Only if he is nice
Yes and I should be this leader

(More accurately, I do not believe in rulers.  When you voluntarily follow someone, that person is your leader, and remains your leader until you choose to no longer follow her.  But when a leader imposes himself upon you, and does not allow you to cease following him, he is then a ruler, not merely a leader.)

3. Do u love your country more than your life ?


4. Do u hate the minorities in your country ?

no i love them all
only if they smell bad

5. Do u believe in a strong army, that will not have to answer to stupid liberals?

no way man
Off course
dooohhhh ?

My Results


No you are not, and it’s a shame because fascism it’s fun.