Alex Peak

are you an anarchist

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My Answers

1. some one walks up asks you for money for a cancer related charity what do you do.

say fuck cancer and shoot them
give them all the change you got in your pocket
say ok dont hurt me and run away as fast as you can
you lie and tell them you got no money when you got $5 your not using

2. whats your favorit dog breed?

i love poodles :)
jews on a leash
bull dog

3. whats your favorite country?

to hard to choose i love them all
fuck the world

(There is a profound difference between a country and the nation-state.)

4. a hippie wants drugs from you. and you

give em a loaded gun and tell them to shoot them self
say i love youre tie die and give em up
say take them and stab him while his back is turned
give em half

(None of the above.  I would require remuneration.)

5. whats your favorit government

democracy all the way
fuck government

6. do you like a higher power?

fuck no you ask again see what happens to your house
sure why not
i love obama ;)
i dont know i dont care

(This question fails to make any sense.)

My Results

you are no anarchist

you play by peoples rules and are afraid of bein busted by the cops :F