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My Answers

1. On liberty...

It must be curtailed to protect life and property.
Who cares about liberty?
It is more important than anything else, even life itself.

2. On wealth disparity...

I'm doing fine, I don't care about wealth disparity.
It is the result of the mixed-market economy that the world has adopted. Those who do well worked hard for it, and those who starve or die of thirst aren't working hard enough.
It is disgusting that some people own dozens of houses and hundreds of cars while billions of people have no access to clean water, nutricious food, or the means to help themselves.

(None of these answers are satisfactory.  Wealth disparity, to some degree or another, is bound to exist in any system that is not wholly totalitarian.  With that said, the problem in society is not so much wealth disparity as it is the presence of poverty, which is by-and-large the product of statist intervention.  In a truly free market, for example, we wouldn’t see Big Bankers and Big Auto getting bailed out, we wouldn’t see the state lining the pockets of its closest allies—because there would be no state to do this.  We wouldn’t have a fractional reserve banking system that leads to legalised inflation, which is primarily a tax on the poor that redistributes wealth to Big Bankers and prominent investors.  No, in a truly free market, you could only gain wealth through voluntary interaction, and all the impediments that exist that effectively prevent the lower classes from living comfortably more quickly would no longer be enforced.  The state, in short, creates poverty.)

3. On war...

Modern war is unnecessary, and against the interests of those who fight the wars, and in the interest of those who sell guns and tanks. It is a last resort to protect yourself and your loved ones, but morally reprehensible in any other context.
Support our troops!
War is sometimes necessary to defend national interests. A standing army, navy,and air force are a requirement to deter attack from other nations.


4. On taxes...

Taxes are another form of coercion. The state requires you to pay for services you didn't ask for, and will take you to jail if you don't pay up, or kill you if you resist. They are morally wrong, because it is a mandatory transaction.
Taxes should be lowered to encourage markets to expand and create more jobs. And they pay my welfare check.
Taxes are necessary to pay for government services, and to keep the free market balanced. You entered into a social contract with the state at birth, and part of the contract is you pay for government. That's that.

5. On free markets...

Ain't that what we got? Hell, I LOVE free markets! Better than COMMUNISM, ain't it?
Free markets are not fair markets. Humanity would be better served with a system of free association, in which each person has the capital necessary to provide for himself without being employed by someone who gleans profit from his labor.
The capitalist system is the most powerful economic system ever devised. It is necessary, but must be controlled (in part) by the government so that things do not get out of hand.

(None of these answers are suitable.  We do not live in a free market.)

6. On government...

All government is based on coercion. It is simply a more palatable form of enslavement, and rests on a foundation of violence and theft.
It is necessary to protect the weak from the strong. Democratic government is the fairest governmental system ever devised.
What else is there? Some kind of ANARCHY?! More like MALARKY!!

My Results

You are an anarchist.

You advocate the complete abolition of the state, and all hierarchical and/or authoritarian institutions. You value the freedom of the individual above all else. You and me both, buddy! If you disagree with this assessment, perhaps you should examine the logical conclusions of your responses, and retake the quiz to get a "satisfactory" answer. Or perhaps you should head to and take a look at the Anarchist FAQ to educate yourself.