Alex Peak

Are you an Anarchist or Conservative?

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My Answers

1. How do you feel about slavery?

Slavery? That was abolished a long time ago!
Slavery is just another word for ultimate control
Slavery is unjust and should not be tolderated

2. Have you ever had doubts about how the government was being run?

Sure, everyone has things they don't like about the government...
There can always be improvements in the way government is run...
I think about it at daily...

3. How many times do you wish you didn't have to do what you were told to do (by anyone, boss, spouse, parents, friends, etc)?

I listen to what they are saying, but may not do what they say.
All the Damn Time!
I don't listen to them now!

4. Why do you go to work/school/etc everyday?

Because I need to progress.
Because I need money to support myself/family
Because it is what I do, and have to keep doing it.

5. If you could pick one absolute freedom, what would it be?

Being able to relax somewhere and not have to worry about someone bothering me.
Being able to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted.
Never have to worry about money again.

6. How long do you think you should have to work before you can retire?

I hope to be able to retire by 55.
I hope to be able to retire by 55, and then possibly do some sideline work.
I am going to retire by age 30!

(I hope I never have to retire.)

7. What do you consider yourself to be?

I am an American.
I am more of a libertarian.
I am a free thinker.

(Options two and three are both acceptable.)

My Results

You are a passive Anarchist!

You believe one of the following: You believe that the government is flawed and that we should do something about it...well someone should, why's i got to be you? You often have a dislike of authority figures and deeply wish that you could act out against them, but feel so oppressed that you are afraid of what might happen. You kind of feel like you are trapped in a cage, but if you try to get out, you are afraid of the outcome so you will more than likely always stay be in that cage my friend. You are regarded with dislike from conservatives and usually encouragement from true Anarchists to break free of that cage!