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Are you a Dirty Hippie, a Yippie Liberal, a Mildly Insane Gun Toting Libertarian, or a Greedy Capitalist?

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1. You find a wallet with 200$ cash on the ground. Do you...

Justify taking the money because whoever dropped it should have taken better care to not loose their money.
Try to find the owner. If you can't, try to use it for something to better your community.
Try to find the owner. If you can't, use it to buy groceries at Whole Foods.
Hell yea, free money!

2. How should the homelessness be dealt with?

The government should make sure they have food and shelter. I'll write a letter one day.
Put them in jail. I don't wanna see them... gross.
Uhh... feed and shelter them. Who wants to help?
Kill 'em all, lazy a$$holes want a free ride.

3. What do you think about government using domestic surveillance

If it makes for a better society, and keeps us safe, I think we should allow it.
We'll gather up all the information about the location of the cameras, put it on a website, and boycott telecom companies that aid in such activities.
I have a gun, I'll shoot them cameras out. I don't use a phone or computer, the microchip in my head relays messages back to the government through devices via bluetooth.
If you're not doing anything wrong, what difference does it make?

4. WAR!

Which one? Iraq never had weapons of mass destruction, but Afganistan helped the terrorists... We should stabilize that area.
Hell Yea!!! Saddle up boy, we're gonna kill us some brown people.
Helps the economy, controls the population... What's not to love?
What is it good for... Absolutely nothing.

5. Direct Action

Not in front of my store, It might decrease sales. Not in front of my house, it will lower the property value. Here's a free latte, now go away... seriously... I'll call the police.
That sounds cool, we're not going to get arrested, right?
Is a great way to get your point across while actually doing something to change things.
You're not going to get anywhere without a violent revolution.

6. Gun Control

From my cold-dead hands...
Who cares, I don't sell guns and neither do any of my golfing buddies. Hmm, if there were no guns, that would open up a range of possibilites. Let me sleep on it. Do you have a LinkedIn?
It seemed like a good idea, but then I realized they were using it to arrest poor kids in the inner city furthering their marginalization.
Yes, then the murder rate will decrease. Take Europe for example.

7. Bank Bailouts

Those bankers are idiots, should have let them fail.
Hey, the economy was going to fall apart, we had no choice.
It's not going to fix anything in the long term, just debase the currency. A lot of people got rich exploiting the ignorance of American consumers. It would be these hard working people's money that ultimately allowed them to keep their positions.
That was my money!!! I want it back.

(Option three is poorly worded and, as such, makes no sense.)

My Results

Dirty Hippie

You're a damn dirty hippie. Some people might confuse you with a communist, but you know better. You know they only understand politics in a black and white, one-dimensional fashion. It all came clear to you on an acid trip when you were a teenager.