Alex Peak

Are you a democrat, republican, anarchist, libertarian, communist, or a moderate?

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My Answers

What do you believe tax payer dollars should be used for?

To the poor!.... Programs such as defax, Wic, and food stamps!
To the public!... Programs such as road work, building play grounds, and public schools
WHAT! TAXES! The government is such a ripe off... I mean INCOME TAX, ROAD TAX,......(rants on and on...)
To the government!... Taxes are for the government to improve the government and the nation it rules...
To several areas! It should go to community projects, the government and army, and also to the people which the government serv
Taxes? Who cares about taxes! SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT...

Which way do you tend/ or would you tend to vote(if your not 18)?

VOTE! WHY WASTE MY TIME?... everyone knows ONE vote wont matter!
I/My parents vote based on who and what the candidate believes in... you do not vote a "straight ticket"
Vote?... You dont believe citizens are informed enough to make such BIG decisions as who will be running the government...
Democrate... straight down the ticket!
Republican... straight down the ticket!
Liberatarian... Someone who's going to SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT

Do you Believe in PRO-LIFE or PRO-CHOICE?

I believe it is up to the government to make that decision...
PRO-LIFE... The embryo is alive as soon as it is concieved!
Whatever It ISNT MY PROBLEM! The government should just leave people alone!
Well, It depends on the individaul's situation as to whether I would say pro-life or pro-choice... I mean there is so many facto
PRO-CHOICE... Havent we already been through this? It is the WOMAN"S choice whether she keeps a baby or not,: go women's rights

What do you believe national parks and other government property should be used for?

Well... DUH! For the good of the public... So if we want to drill some oil in say... ALASKA we should do it... HEY LOWER GAS PR
All land should be free, the government should own NONE of it.
Well...if it SAYS it is set aside as a NATIONAL PARK... I guess it should be a refuge for nature... not manmade CRAP.
Since it is the Governments land it should be up to the government... I dont know! I just LIVE here!
I believe some should be put aside for government projects and some put aside to preserve our natural world... aww.

Which do you believe needs to be watched more closely: The huge corporate businesses or the vast majority of individuals?

All of them... The government should have control of it ALL.
Who cares, that isnt my issue, my issue is how the ENVIRONMENT IS GETTING SAVED!
I believe the government should keep an eye on Certain key issues and step in when needed at both levels of business and communi
I believe the public should be watched... they are bound to need the governments intervention! Take issues such as speeding and
I believe the corporate businesses should be watched... If we dont watch them they take advantage! Take into account the cases
Government Needs to BUTT OUT>>> People and their businesses do fine by themselves.

What are your thoughts on stem cell research (were they can clone life in different capacities)?

I maybe dont believe in cloning human LIFE, per say, but stem cell research would be good for growing a new lung, and for other
Stem Cell Research should be done in all capacities to better understand the human body, AND is best left to the scientific comm
Let them do what THEY want to do, it isnt the governments business.
Stem Cell Research should not be done in any compacity... it is morally and ethically wrong! BAD SCIENTIST!
I dont know what the government is doing in their labs.. they could create a three headed chicken for all I know and CARE!

My Results

Anarchist!... Well, according to certain theories developed back in Thomas Hobb's and Thomas Jefferson's day man needed a government because we all think only of our selves... but cheer up because Hobbs said we only need government as long as it is doing good for humanity and its society... so maybe in your own little world....:)