Alex Peak

Are you conservative, libertarian, or liberal? Or would you rather be a pig?

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My Answers

How do you feel about guns?

Guns are awesome. I love shooting things and putting great big holes in them.
It's a constitutional right for me to be able to own this gun. Don't you dare try and take them away.
I couldn't really care less.
I don't really like guns but if you want them I guess that's okay.
Guns are horrible. They are used for nothing but killing and crime. No one should have guns.

(It’s a natural right.)

How do you feel about the death penalty?

It isn't used enough in this country, we have too many people sitting in our jail system.
It's used just enough right now.
I don't care. I have no idea why I'm taking this quiz, because i'm going to pick moderate for everything.
I don't agree with it for the most part, but it's the right thing sometimes.
Killing people is wrong no matter what they've done in the past.

(I only support it for murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape, and manslaughter.  And only if the victim consents.  If the victim does not consent, the death penalty may not be employed.)


People who work hard and make a decent living for their familes are punished, by having thier money stolen from them.
I hate paying taxes.
Taxes? What taxes? I have no income, and don't pay sales tax because I can't afford to buy anything.
I don't really like taxes, but if the government needs help then I guess it's the right thing to do.
Taxes provide funding for so many good things, that I don't mind paying them at all.

(I also hate paying taxes, i.e. having my money stolen from me.)


I fucking hate censorship. Those stupid bastards think they can keep me from saying what I want.
I think it goes against my first amendment rights, people should be able to say, or sing what they want with out it being bleepe
Wait, you're still here? Don't you understand that if you don't care you shouldn't be taking this quiz?
I don't think that people should be completly censored, but some music has just gotten ridiculous, and needs warnings at least.
Censorship is a nessecary thing, take a look at all the filthy lyrics that you hear these days. It's a disgrace.


It's wrong, no matter what. No if's and's or but's about it.
I don't like it, but when a girl is raped or in danger of dying from the pregnancy she should have the option.
Abortion? Oh yeah, my girlfriend's had like three of those cause i'm too lazy to do anything for protection, but I don't care ei
I think women should be free to make those kinds of choices for them selves, but when it's really late in the term they have no
It's none of the goverment's business what women do to thier bodies. Until that child is born they should just stay out of it.


They are horrible, just look how god is punishing them with aids. Eventually they'll get a clue.
I don't agree with it, but as long as they're both consenting adults it's none of my business.
Ehh, who cares about them?
It's thier choice, and if they love each other, I say go for it, especially if the sex is fun.
They should be able to do what they want, with out being persecuted by anyone, including private organizations.

My Results

Okay, so you're mostly conservative, but you've got a nice streak of libertarian in you too. Here's a gun to protect your family with, but you've probably already got one, because you're pretty smart.

My Confusion

How are these answers “mostly conservative”?  Oddly, if I change my answer on the first one to “Guns are awesome,” the quiz tells me I’m “significantly liberal” yet lean libertarian.  If I change my fourth answer to stress the importance of the first amendment, the results tell me that I’m completely conservative.  No combination of answers seem to tell me that I’m actually a libertarian.  How strange.