Alex Peak

Are you fascist garbage?

Communist, Fascist, or something else

My Answers

1. Do you agree with the positions advocated by radio personality Michael Savage?

No, usually not
Hell no, that guys a nut!
Yes, most of the time
Sometimes, but he can get a little crazy

(I only listened to him once, and the impression that I got was that he was a conspiracy theorist.)

2. Do you think the federal government should ban the ownership of hand guns?

It's none of the governments business if I own a pistol.
The second amendment must be protected!
Yes, and they should do it today!
It should be decided democratically within each state.

3. Do you think the American border with Mexico should be militarized?

Maybe not militarized, but something must be done about the border.
No, things are basically fine the way they are.
Open the borders!
Yes, the flow of illegals has to stop!

4. Should churches who publicly support a political party or candidate be stripped of their tax exempt status?

Only if they're supporting democrats.
No, churches have every right to participate in politics.
Not only should churches be tax exempt, but so should every other religous, political, or cultural organization.
Yes, they should pay their fair share of taxes, and then they can do whatever they want.

5. Should gays and lesbians have the right to marry?

This is none of the governments business. Gay Rights NOW!
Absolutely not! Marrage is between a man and a woman.
They do have the right to marry, just not each other.
Of course they should be able to marry their partners

6. Should illegal immigrants be "rounded up" and deported?

Yes, and the quicker the better!
End the raids right now!
No, not if they have families here, or American children.
Those who commit crimes should be deported.

7. Should the United States have the right to use military force at any time, and any place to protect it's interests around the world?

Yes, but only if there is a direct threat to America's security.
Hell No, We Wont Go!
No, these matters must be dealt with by international bodies such as the U.N.
Hell yeah! Nuke the bastards!

8. Do you think that the government "bailouts" for wall street was a step towards socialism?

Yes, but they were necessary so that the banks didn't fail.
No, it's state-capitalism.
No, it's not socialism, but it is wealth redistribution.
Yes, Obama is a Marxist.

My Results


You are active in the movement to erase the evils of fascism off of the planet for good! You should now give yourself a pat on the back.