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What do you think about government?

You should be weary of any party that wants more government involvement.
Government is great!
Government should be reduced. More than you think.

What do you think about Libertarians?

Liber-what? Thats just another way of saying liberal isn't it? What is their problem with racial profiling anyway? The era of ra
They are really just Republicans with a diffrent name. WHY? They want lower taxes. We need higher taxes.
They want less federal government, and greater inforcement of states rights. I like them already.

What do you think about Republicans?

Slowly are heading toward more government in our lives.
A good party.

(Actually, they’re quickly heading toward more government in our lives.  Much, much more.)

What do you think about Liberals?

Brainless. Spineless. Idiotic. Stupid. Do I have to give more adjectives?
They have the right to say what they want. I just don't have to agree with them.
Are not brainless, spineless or idiotic. We stand up for the rights of ordinary Americans!!

What do you think about the 2004 election?

The election was rigged! One guy owned over half of the votting machines in the US. He hacked into the machines! He was probably
Proves we live in Bush country. See the Red and Blue map for details. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!
Michael Badnarik should have won. We will do better in 2008.

What do you think about the Patriot Act?

Proof that the Republican party is slowly heading toward big government. The Patriot Act is unconstitutional.
A good thing. We can now catch terrorists faster and more efficient.
Republicans stole the idea from us.

(Again, it’s quickly, not slowly.)

What do you think of the FCC?

Gives all parties a fair chance to get their message out. Oh. And keeps decency over the air waves.
FCC is government monitoring airwaves. They have the power to remove talk show hosts. This restricts freedom of speech. If a gov
They can't take Conservative voices off the air! Its not fair!

My Results

Libertarian- I support state rights! You think government is too powerful.