Alex Peak

Communist? Fascist? Democrat? Republican? Socialist? Anarchist?

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My Answers

1.I do not support gay rights.Disagree          Agree
2.Farmers should be left to themselves.Disagree          Agree
3.Big business should be regulated.Disagree          Agree
4.Democracies and republics do not work.Disagree          Agree
5.Christian state!Disagree          Agree
6.People should take care of themselves.Disagree          Agree
7.Religion should be killed.Disagree          Agree
8.I support the idea of welfare.Disagree          Agree
9.I support leaders like FDR.Disagree          Agree
10.The state should control the market.Disagree          Agree
11.I support big government.Disagree          Agree
12.I support the theories of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.Disagree          Agree
13.There should be no government.Disagree          Agree
14.Dictatorships can change the minds of the people.Disagree          Agree
15.We should follow Joseph Stalin's views on government.Disagree          Agree
16.Communism and fascism do not work.Disagree          Agree
17.I follow Hitler.Disagree          Agree
18.I support gun control.Disagree          Agree
19.Communists should die.Disagree          Agree
20.The military machine should be fed to help the state grow in power.Disagree          Agree
21.I follow Mussolini.Disagree          Agree
22.Imperialism must end.Disagree          Agree
23.Counter-revolutionaries should be purged.Disagree          Agree
24.The nation should come first before the people.Disagree          Agree
25.I support gay rights.Disagree          Agree
26.We do not need government and we do not need big cities.Disagree          Agree
27.I support Ronald Reagan.Disagree          Agree
28.The people should not get aid from the government.Disagree          Agree
29.The state should be destroyed (not reformed) in order for a better system to appear.Disagree          Agree
30.The government should go against the free-market principles of the West.Disagree          Agree
31.Margaret Thatcher kicked ass!Disagree          Agree
32.We should look to the past and make society like it once was.Disagree          Agree
33.I support the Soviet Union, the GDR, and Cuba.Disagree          Agree
34.There should be no gun control.Disagree          Agree
35.The government should do more to help the people.Disagree          Agree
36.A violent revolution has to occur to fix the system.Disagree          Agree
37.The Roman Empire is something we should bring back.Disagree          Agree
38.Government should be kept small.Disagree          Agree
39.There should only be a one party system.Disagree          Agree
40.Tax the rich!Disagree          Agree
41.Less taxes!Disagree          Agree
42.The state should kill all opposition.Disagree          Agree

My Results

Communist? Fascist? Democrat? Republican? Socialist? Anarchist?
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You scored as Anarchist

You are an anarchist. You believe that people should not be ruled by the government and you believe that society shouldn't really exist because farmers do not need help from the outsiders.