Alex Peak

Communist, Fascist, or something else

Communist, Fascist, or something else

My Answers

1. Do you beleive that the peole should:

Allow the people to have more power
Allow one man to help make descisions
Allow eveyone to pool their resources
Allow the government to have some controll over desicions

2. Who is your hero

Andrew Jackson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Karl Marx
Abraham Lincoln

(None of the above.)

3. What is your position on gay rights?

Sure let them have every right a straght person has
Kill all gays
Let them live but not marrage rights
Not kill them just don't let them do much

4. Best way to solve an economic crisis

Set up a system that doesn't spend a lot but creates jobs
Spend until it is fixed
Lower taxes and let it solve itself
Start building up the military and other industries

5. What is better

Allowing the right people to vote and make many decisions
Allowing free choice and people to vote things
Trust in the state it will help all things
nationalism and the expansion of patriotism throught the nation

My Results


You are old fassioned. You enjoy the government to play a small role in things like the economy. This is not a bad thing usually you beleive the government shouldn't spend so much and sometimes your right. However you don't like new ideas as much as liberals.