Alex Peak

Do you want to start the Revolution?

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My Answers

Situation: A great friend of yours is stopped by Police. How do you feel?

You just don't care

Which band do you prefer?

The Sex Pistols (you aim for total complete chaos- Anarchy)
The Clash (you aim for progressive change)
The Who (not really involved with politics- you are out for yourself)
50 Cent

(I do not aim for chaos; chaos is what I wish to avoid.)

The Government bans smoking in public places. What's your opinion?

They have gone mad- you cannot take away people's rights, even regarding smoking
You think something's wrong with the law- but smoking kills so it's okay
You don't really mind- you don't smoke, you have no opinion really
You totally support the governments decision- how dare people smoke around you

You enter University. Other students are expressing their anger with the Government but seem without purpose. What do you do?

Organise them into a political force, and take to the streets of everywhere with the cause.
Organise a political group- openly discuss issues and carefully plot out what aims are needed.
Notice them and listen to what they say, but ultimately do nothing.
Laugh at them and then go play Unreal Tournament on your PC.

If forced to design a politcal symbol, which of the following would you pick?

A fist striking upward, with a red star in the background
An upturned face looking to the sky
A smiley face with no smile
A gun

(I would prefer a yellow star.)

Do you like Blair's Britain?

A bit
Not really

My Results

You will start the revolution when the time is right.

You want change and you will fight for it.

When the fossil fuels run out then is the time to strike.

The revolution is dead. Viva La Revolution.

The world is yours, comrade...