Alex Peak

How Fascist are you?

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My Answers

1. There is a wallet on the ground on your way . You would:

It depends to the amount of money it contains.
Take it to the police or try to find its owner
Pass it by
Take it quickly and spend the money in it.

2. You find an infant on the street. You would:

Help it to have shelter in some way
Take all of its money and run.
Pass it by
Take the child away and rape it.

3. Who is your favorite writer?

Milan Kundera
Paulo Coelho

(I have not read very much of Kundera’s Immortality, nor very much of the proceeding two writers.  I have read nothing of the fourth.  Thus, my answer may vary as I gain more exposeur.  I own books by the first three.)

4. If you die you will...

Take revenge from all people who hurt you in life
You die and thats it.
Wait for armagedon to happen in order to weigh your deeds
Go to heaven and live peacefully for ever

(I hope there is a heaven, and I hope I am invited.)

5. If someone disagrees with you , you would:

Kill them and put their body in a an incinirator
Show every one that they are a rapist and they should be jailed
Let it be. Every one is not to agree with you
Talk to them in a manner that they understand you are right.

6. If you hear somone spell and bad words at your beleifs and god, You would:

Nothing . They simply do not beleive in what you do.
Spell back at their god
Take them to the court
Crucify them in public

7. If your country is under attak you would:

Pray to God to help humanity from darkness and evil
Kill yourself in order not to die in war
Run away in a safe place until the war is over
Take a gun and bravely fight against your enemy


My Results

You are not totally a fascist.

You should be very care full about yourself because not only you are not a fascist , but you are likely to be a human! There are variety of dangers waiting for you in this world. I hope you remain human and never join the savage battle of modern life.