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  1. Protecting the environment is a primary social responsibility we have, regardless of how it effects businesses.

    Not exactly


    (Just like not-stealing-someone-else’s-land-through-eminent-domain is a responsibility we have.  The right of private land-owners to not have their properties polluted by others must be upheld as sacrosanct, no matter how it effects businesses.)

  2. Immigration policies

    Should be less strict. Immigrants enhance this country.

    Should be more strict. Too many people enter illegally.

    (I believe both that it “Should be less strict. Immigrants enhance this country” and “Too many people enter illegally.”  The latter can be solved by the former, i.e. by deregulation.)

  3. Gay marriage

    Should be legal and given the same rights as heterosexual marriage.

    Should not be legal. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    (It shouldn’t be “legal,” but it shouldn’t be “illegal,” either.  No marriages should be “legal.”  Government should get out of marriage altogether.)

  4. Public education could be improved by

    Having a voucher system

    Revoking No Child Left Behind

    (Both would improve it.)

  5. If you smoke marijuana...

    You should be punished with a slap on the wrist

    It's your business

  6. Affirmative action

    Gives minorities and women a level playing field

    Is unfair, outdated, and hurts those with the most merit

    (We should have a colour-blind society.  I reject quotas.)

  7. Carrying a gun is:

    Taking responsibility for one's own defense, and admirable

    Dangerous and sketchy

  8. Some people have less luck than others



    (How is this liberal or conservative?  How do you define luck?)

  9. Social Security:

    Is simply a transfer payment that should be replaced by personal accounts

    Can easily be fixed by making the rich and employers pay more

    (Depending upon what you mean by “personal accounts,” by response is either the first one or neither.  Bush and co., for example, were pushing for the establishment of government-controlled “personal accounts”; I don’t want that, or anything close to it.  (The Bush plan would have effectively socialised the stock market.)  I want complete privatization.  True privatization.  In other words, I want to be able to opt out of the Social Security system altogether.  I want to be free to control my own retirement, and thus free to choose whether I have a personal and how it ought to be managed.)

  10. Taxes should be...

    Cut to stimulate the economy and give people more of their money back.

    Something the rich pay more of. They can afforded.

    (Taxes should be cut, but so should government spending.  Bush, unfortunately, is a borrow-and-spend president.  Cut spending and taxes.)

  11. It's more important for our country

    Reduce the deficit and national debt

    To help the poor and helpless

    (Both.  The government of our country should work to reduce the deficit and national debt; and the citizens, private charities, and churches of our country should work to help the poor and helpless.)

  12. The Fed should be more concerned with

    Controlling unemployment

    Controlling inflation

    (The Federal Reserve should be abolished.)

  13. The only social responsibility of a company should be to deliver a profit to its shareholders.



    (They also have a responsibility not to shoot, batter, rape, steal from, or enslave any person or persons; or to hire others to shoot, batter, rape, steal from, or enslave any person or persons; or to request that a government shoot, batter, rape, steal from, or enslave any person or persons for them.  And they have a responsibility not to present false advertising or to counterfeit money, as such actions constitute fraud; or to hire others to false advertising or counterfeit for them; or to request any governments to commit false advertising or counterfeiting on their behalf.  They have the responsibility to never ask the government or any other criminal gangs for tariffs, excise taxes, or regulations on themselves or on their competitors, and to never accept subsidies from the government.)

  14. Everyone has a right to health care, even if they can't afford it



    (Healthcare is a commodity, not a right.  One has a right to healthcare that he or she procures through voluntary interaction with others, but not which he or she procures or aims to procure through force.)

  15. All authority, by its nature, should be questioned



    (Sure, why not?)

  16. Abortion should be...

    Completely legal and available

    Restricted, discouraged, or illegal

    (Completely legal but highly, highly discouraged.)

  17. Military action that defies international law is sometimes justified.



    (I don’t know.  Statutorily, it all depends upon whether that ‘international law’ is something we agreed to formally, or if it was something forced onto us.  Ethically, it all depends upon whether that ‘international law’ is in concord with natural law.)

  18. The war in Iraq is justified



  19. The problem with the US justice system is:

    Too many plea bargains and loose interpretations of law

    Not enough rehabilitation and prisoner's rights

    (But the real problem are the laws themselves.)

  20. The death penalty

    Is appropriate in select cases

    Is a violation of human rights

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