Alex Peak

how much of an anarchist are you ?

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My Answers

1. if our president was assanated would you

mourn with you parents
pray the vice president is republican
talk about at school
spit on his grave

2. if there was a riot in your home town would you

complain to your local representative
hit one mailbox with a baseball bat and run home
hide in a bomb shelter
blow up the capital building and brag about it

3. whats your alcohol consumtion

chug chug chug chug!!!!!
one or two a week
never i have never drank
one but i was peer pressured into it

(More accurately, once every few months.)

4. favorite book

the bible
screw reading
the anarchist cookbook
harry potter

(I have never read any of these books entirely.)

5. where did anarchy start ?

late europe with the socialist and communist refromers
why should know i dont care about the unholy
the sex pistols !
hmmm some band?

6. best bands ever

the sex pistols !
the backstreetboys
the exploited
anything uplifting

7. old person cuts you off in a parking lot you?

smash there wind shield with a base ball bat and piss on there tires
give them the finger or maybe dent their car
look for anther spot
think wwjd

8. your life long dream

stick it too the man
go to the college your dad did
take a crap on every government building in D.C
go too byu

My Results

moderate punk

you talk the talk and walk the walk but you are really just following the trend