Alex Peak

Party Matchmaking Questions

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My Answers

If I were in charge, I would...

  1. decrease regulation of radio, TV, press, and internet content.
  2. decrease regulation of licensed gun ownership.
  3. decrease regulation of the health care industry.
  4. decrease regulation of minimum worker wages, and benefits.
  5. decrease regulation of hiring practices, and quota legislation.
  6. decrease restrictions on immigration.
  7. decrease regulations on use of natural resources.
  8. decrease regulations on use of private property.
  9. decrease regulation of marijuana and other drugs.
  10. decrease regulations on sex by consenting adults.
  11. decrease restrictions on abortion.
  12. decrease subsidies for the poor.
  13. decrease subsidies for scientific research.
  14. decrease subsidies for businesses and farms.
  15. decrease regulations on lobbying and campaign financing.
  16. decrease federal involvement in public education.
  17. decrease federal involvement in entitlement programs.
  18. decrease federal law enforcement agencies.
  19. decrease subsidies for foreign democracies.
  20. decrease military defense of other nations.
  21. decrease US commitment to the United Nations.
  22. decrease taxes on personal income.
  23. decrease taxes on corporate income.
  24. decrease taxes on gifts and inherited wealth.
  25. decrease taxes on imported goods (tariffs).

My Results

1) Libertarian Party    96% 
2) Constitution Party   64% 
3) Republican Party     44% 
4) Reform Party         44% 
5) Democratic Party     32% 
6) Green Party          28% 
7) Natural Law Party    17%