Alex Peak

Political Survey, very humorous. R u libertarian, liberal, or conservative?

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My Answers

Legalize weed?

Who cares, people will smoke it anyway!

What political party do you most associate with?

Party? HA!!! Who needs one, i prefer to party!

Rules are meant to be broken!

Of course.
Heck no!
Only some of them.

(Natural law ought to be obeyed, as failure to obey constitutes inherent infringement upon the natural rights of others.  Those statutory laws that conflict with natural law ought to be disobeyed.)

Pick a color.



What is monarchy, to you?

Queen or King rules government.
Stupid leaders get together and try to rule you without your consent.
Old crusty people try to run government but get overthrown easily.

(Coercive leadership by one.)

Rich should be taxed more then the poor.


Do you like George W. Bush?

Fuck that bastard.
Who needs a president?

Military should be stationed in every country in the world.

It don't matter

People can say whatever they want to anyone they want, and suffer the consequences like getting punched in the balls, and neither person should be punished by the government.

Of course.
Ummmm, sometimes.
Heck no!

(The use of physical aggression against another person for the purpose of discouraging said person from employing his or her negative right to free speech is nothing short of censorship.)

If a right has been given to someone, that right should never be taken away from them, EVER!

True dat brotha!
Take that right away if it causes harm.
No, some should be taken, some should be kept, end of story.

(Rights cannot be given.  Rights are innate and inalienable.  Because they are inalienable, then cannot be taken away, either.  Sure, they can be infringed upon, but never alienated from their hosts.  A person always holds his or her right to not be enslaved, no matter how much the government or any other criminal entity may be acting against that right and trying to alienate it from its host.  It is for this reason that slavery can never become just.  Rights, by their very nature, are negative.  The idea of positive “rights” is self-contradictory.  Positive “rights” are not rights at all, but rather privileges granted by a criminal entity that itself has no just authority to grant such privileges.  Privileges can be revoked at any time by their granters; and positive “rights,” being fictional, ought to be considered immediately revoked, if not expunged.)

Do you have a problem with gays and are you gay?

Yes, No
I don't have a problem w/ them, but no i'm not.
No, Yes
No, No

Do you gamble?

Man! I'm addicted.
Yes, sometimes
No! I'd lose all my money!

Who started the Mexican War? Started by the annexation of Texas, which pissed off Mexico, then Mexico attacked, who was responsible?

It was the Mexicans who were mad and the Americans who were greedy that started it, everyone else was innocent.

Do you drink?

I'm underage and yes i do
I'm underage and no i don't
Yes, i'm old enough
No, but i am old enough

Do you smoke?

It's stupid, why should i?

When your old enough, will you vote?

It's my right, i will if there's someone good running, or else i'll just vote for a small party leader.

Last question, who was a better president?

Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
James Polk, president during the Mexican War
Thomas Jefferson

My Results

Libertarian, you strongly beleive in natural rights for people and you don't want your rights to be taken away.