Alex Peak

Statist or Anarchist?

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My Answers

1. Can government solve social and economic problems efficiently?

No, it cannot solve any problems; it is actually the source of all problems
Yes, it can but it usually doesn't depending on the problem
Yes, it can and it does solve social and economic problems efficiently
No, at least not without creating more problems

2. Is there a difference between mainstream "Liberal" politicians and their mainstream "Conservative" counterparts?

There is no difference, they are all corrupted by special interests and greed.
Yes, there is but I don't particularly support one over the other.
Yes, and I tend to favor one over the other.
Whatever difference between them exists I still won't support either side.

3. Is the government a "necessary evil"?

It is neccesary only because the masses see it as so, and is very evil
The government is evil but not neccesary
It is neccesary and is good
It is neccesary and sometimes evil

4. Should the majority of any given adult population be morally restricted by an elite or enforcing class of people?

If you mean an elected government that represents the majority, then yes
No, I believe in the equality of anarchy
Of course not! That's why we need government
No, that's why I dislike the police

5. Do you believe that involutary taxation by the government is theft?

Not as long as the government is democratically maintained
No, it is a proper distribution of wealth for the service of the public interest
Taxation can be voluntary? What about getting robbed?

My Results

Hardcore anarchist

You believe that democratic government is no more virtuous than enslavement; you actively engage in philosophical solutions to the existence of government and may occasionally take action to eliminate it (either peacefully or violently).