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  1. Does the following quote represent America's economy? "When the highwayman holds his gun to your head, you turn your valuables over to him. You "consent" alright, but you do so because you cannot help yourself, because you are compelled by his gun. Are you not compelled to work for an employer? Your need compels you, just as the highwayman?s gun." -Alexander Berkman



    I don't know

  2. (One has a variety of options currently, and if we were to smash the state, the ease at which we could choose other options would broaden.  Options we currently have include: (A) making a trade with a person who has acquired, through either legitimate or illegitimate means, capital goods, the trade being an exchange of labour for a guaranteed income; (B) making the same sort of trade with the entirety of the workers in a given firm, assuming those workers have come to own the means of production of that firm; (C) become an entrepreneur, your own boss, which notably would be far less difficult if not for all of the statist barriers to such initiatives; (D) relying on the charity and good will of our neighbours or religious community; or (E) commit suicide, which you have every right to do no matter what anybody says of the matter.)

  3. What is Capitalism most closely equated with? (remember, think with an anarchist's perspective)





  4. (This question is biased.  Capitalism is neither good nor bad.  Conversely, state-capitalism is always bad, just like state-socialism is bad.  In a truly free society, one with no state, anarchocommunists would be free to develop communes in which the Marxian motto of from each according to his ability, to each according to his need is the prevailing mode of communal life; anarchosocialists would be free to form clubs and organisations dedicated to helping the poor and needy; anarchosyndicalists would be free to form unions or start worker-owned firms to compete with capitalist-owned firms; and anarchocapitalists would be free to start their own or work for capitalist-owned firms.  There would be no central planning, and capitalists would be required to respect the rights of communists; capitalists would not be permitted to force communists to exchange goods, to own property, or to work for them.  Conversely, communists would not be permitted to force propertarians to surrender their property or to cease working for capitalists.  Personally, since I want to see worker-owned firms flourish, I guess I could be described as more of an anarchosyndicalist, but I do recognise a legitimate place for capitalist-owned firms in an anarchy.)

  5. In an anarchist society (with a gift economy), how would you complete the following phrase? "Each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her ..."




    what the hell are you talking about?

  6. In an anarchist community, how would your job be chosen?

    It would be assigned to you.

    The government would it chose for you.

    You would only chose something that you enjoyed.

    What job?

  7. Fill in the blank: The government which ____________ is the best.

    governs least

    governs most

    doesn't exist

    what is a "government" ?

  8. Is the following statement true or false? "In choosing a representative, we exclude ourselves." -John Holloway




  9. (This is a rather interesting statement.  I cannot be sure what it means without seeing it in context.  With that said, I chose False as I see no reason why I shan’t represent myself.  Methinks one would only choose True is (A) she means that in our current system of representative government, the individual has no say (this is largely true), or (B) she has defined representation in a way that necessarily disincludes the self.)

  10. The U.S. government has carried out gov't coups in which of the following countries?

    Venezuela, Iran, Guatemala

    Switerland, Canada, Australia

    Not sure

    The U.S. government would never, ever do such a thing!

  11. Do you believe the U.S. government (or any gov't) is monitoring you?

    Of course

    Are they allowed to do that?

    They probably have a file on me 6 inches thick...

    If they monitor people, it is only for their own protection.

  12. (Actually, I honestly do not think it does.  I suspect it has records of my grades, income, and taxes, but I honestly bet you that it has no other record on me of any sort.  Considering just how many radical libertarians are out there in society, considering that I am but one of many, considering how inefficient big government is, what are the chances?  Slim, especially since I am not violent and have never been convicted of a crime.)

  13. The only way to fix the ills that plague our society is by revolution; the total overthrow of the government and economy.

    I agree

    I believe that reforms work.

    But without a government, there would be chaos!

    Things are fine the way they are...

  14. Choose the sentence that best describes Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

    He is on my t-shirt but I don't know anything about him...

    He was a terrorist, right?

    He started out studying medicine, joined up with Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution and was later killed in Bolivia by the CIA.

    I have never heard of him.

  15. (He wasn’t an anarchist, and the Castro régime he helped institute was just as liberticidal as the Batista régime it replaced.)

  16. When will the revolution occur?

    It's happening right now!

    20 years or so

    It already happened, don't you remember 1776?

    I am a member of the FBI; I will make sure that the revolution never occurs.

  17. (To quote a poem, “The Revolution is inside of You.”  By this the author means that a revolution has occurred every time a person ceases to give sanction to any other person or group, even the state, to rule over her or him.)

  18. What has been your role in the revolution as of yet? (There are no wrong answers here...unless of course you skip this question).

    Right up in the front, throwing molotov cocktails at the capitalist pigs

    Organzing resistance groups in my local community

    educating as many people as possible

    plotting to assassinate George W.

  19. "When the Revolution comes, you and I and all humanity will be transformed. Everything will be changed and better times will have joys that the people of today aren?t able to understand. Feelings for the arts and for liberty will surely become greater, and the harvest of that development will be marvelous. Beyond this cursed time will come a day when humanity, free and conscious of its powers, will no longer torture either man or beast. That hope is worth all the suffering we undergo as we move through the horrors of life." -Louise Michel

    She is my hero.

    I didn't understand a word she said

    I was her in a past life

    It sounds ok...

  20. (Sounds nice.  I’ve heard better.)

  21. How many books have you read on the subject of anarchy, communism or revolution?

    I don't read, I watch TV



    about 2

  22. Have you ever written any essays, articles or books on the subjects listed above? If so, how many? (skip if you have not written anything, but are interested in/respect the topic)

    Yes, a few essays or articles

    Yes, many essays or articles, maybe even a book

    Yes, many books.

    No, I don't believe in any of this shit.

  23. How will your current (or future) job aid in the revolution?

    I will become an FBI agent in order to inflitrate the U.S. government in order to bring it down from the inside out.

    I will be a teacher.

    I will write books and give lectures.

    I will sit on my ass and wait for someone else to start the revolution. then I'll watch it on TV.

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