Alex Peak

Which 19th Century Anarchist Are You?

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My Answers

1. The most effective method of social change is...

destroying property.
forming a guerilla army.
assassinating industrialists.
forming communities of mutual aid.
freeing women from economic slavery.
writing revolutionary folk songs.

2. The person you hate the most from this list is...

Karl Marx
Vladimir Lenin
Tammy Faye Baker
Henry Clay Frick
Charles Darwin
That judge that done hung me.

3. If you found yourself alone in a public bathroom with George W. Bush, you would...

strike up a conversation with him.
make him say, "I was wrong," or else shoot him.
punch him in the face.
pee on him and run.
ask him for money.
just shoot him.

4. The band/singer you listen to more often is...

The Pogues
Ani DiFranco
The Killers
Stiff Little Fingers
Utah Phillips

(Nothing against the others, I just end up hearing the Killers more often because I listen to the radio.)

5. If you were about to be executed, your choice of last meal would be...

Donate my last meal to the workers!
A tofu sandwich.
Steak and potatoes.
A fifth of vodka.
Belgian dark chocolate.

6. If you were about to be executed by firing squad, the last thing you would shout out woud be...

"I will always love you Sasha!"
"I forgive you because you are just workers yourselves!"
"I'll never die, for the movement will live on!"
"Die you capitalist pigs!"
Nothing. I would just be silent.

7. In an ideal world...

we would all sing songs together around the campfire.
revolvers would work like they were supposed to.
wthere would be no hatred or jealousy and we would all love each other.
we would all be like children and get to play all the time.
everyone would work together to grow and eat food.
landlords would all be forced into hard labor camps.

(This is where the difference between the ideal world and the best possible world becomes rather pertinent.)

My Results

Peter Kropotkin

Peter Kropotkin - "Mutual aid is as much a law of nature as mutual struggle."

Born in Moscow in 1842, you come from a family of Princes descended from the legendary Russian Prince Rurik. Witnessing first-hand the inequality and injustice of the feudal system at home (your father owned 1,200 serfs), you eventually took up the cause of the peasantry and became the world's first "anarchist prince." A scientific and practical revolutionary, your most famous work, "The Conquest of Bread," describes in simple language how the common people can assume control the economic necessities of life. You are best known for giving mutual aid and cooperation its rightful standing in evolutionary theory.

My Opinion on My Results

Personally, I think I’m closer to Lysander Spooner than any other nineteenth century anarchist.