Alex Peak

What are your views on Anarchy?

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My Answers

What is anarchy to you?

Liberatarium Socialism(something like that) where people work together to create peace without leadership
Death and destruction, and dont forget the chaos!
What is anarchy?
A normal society without chaos or peace, but there are no leaders

(Anarchy is merely the absence of coercive rulers.  It is by its very nature peaceful, for as soon as violent/coercive controls are introduced, it ceases to be anarchy.)

Do believe in war?

No, war fucking sucks!!!
Death death death!!! YES!
I suppose.....
We must do what we have to.

(War is justifiably only when defensive.  Initiation of force or the threat to initiate force is always unethical.)

Assuming you listen to punk, what are some bands you listen to?

The Exploited
Good charlotte
Whatever is on MTV

(Can’t say I’ve heard of Doom.)

Do you care about other people?

I care about almost everyone
I dont care about anyone but me
i care about a few people.
umm...i geuss

My Results

You believe in Anarchy and Peace! The government is unneccisary and equality and unity is your main thing. War only causes unneccisary death to loved ones.