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What kind of Anarchist are you?

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1.As most workers are male, workers self-management will not neccessarily lead to freedom for women. Disagree          Agree
2.'From each according to ability, to each acording to need' is the best system of distribution. Disagree          Agree
3.Society should be a 'union of unions of unions' based on workers' solidarity. Disagree          Agree
4.Female liberation is an inseperable part of anarchism. Disagree          Agree
5.Specialisation of labour is the first step towards hierachy and inequality. Disagree          Agree
6.The workers are the main source of potential for revolutionary change. Disagree          Agree
7.The kingdom of God is within us. Disagree          Agree
8.A moneyless 'gift economy' is both plausible and just. Disagree          Agree
(There’s nothing inherently just or unjust about using money.  A barter system without a medium of exchange is not impossible, but highly difficult and problematic.  Most would find it inplausible.)
9.The individual is far more important than the community. Disagree          Agree
10.Patriachy is the fundamental problem in society. Disagree          Agree
11.Capitalism is not exploitative when it is based on consent. Disagree          Agree
12.Anarchists need to be very organised. Disagree          Agree
13.The teachings of Jesus are anarchist in spirit and would best guide us in an anarchist society. Disagree          Agree
14.The means of production should be owned in common by the community, not just the workers. Disagree          Agree
15.Direct action is the best tool available to anarchists. Disagree          Agree
16.Anarchism should aim to liberate all living things, not just humans. Disagree          Agree
17.Non-violence is a cruical aspect of anarchism Disagree          Agree
(Non-aggression is crucial.  This means one may not initiate force.  Defensive violence, however, is not unjust.)
18.The commune or collective should be the basis of anarchist society, not the union or syndicate Disagree          Agree
19.'Civilisation' is inherrantly destructive and we would be better off without it. Disagree          Agree
20.The human disposition towards mutual aid will be enough to hold society together. Disagree          Agree
21.Marginalised groups are now a bigger source of revolutionary potential than the workers. Disagree          Agree
22.Political liberation is inseperable from spiritual enlightenment. Disagree          Agree
23.Property is not theft, it is a natural right. Disagree          Agree
24.Technology is a system not a tool and it requires the exploitation of the environment. Disagree          Agree
25.All hierachy and oppression can be traced back to man's domination over woman. Disagree          Agree
26.Private business should replace state institutions in an anarchist society. Disagree          Agree
27.We should create alternative institutions, whilst resisting established ones. Disagree          Agree
28.The means of production should be owned and controlled by the workers, as opposed to the community. Disagree          Agree
(I far prefer worker syndicates over socialism.)
29.God is the only legitimate source of authority. Disagree          Agree
(Even though I’m agnostic, I’m saying no to this, as it implies that legitimate authority could not exist in the absence of a God.)
30.'Collective' or 'Communist' modes of anarchism will innevitably lead to tyrany of the majority. Disagree          Agree

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What kind of Anarchist are you?
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Anarcho-capitalism is perhaps more closely linked the libertarian tradition than anarchism as it favours a free market and a stateless society. Private businesses would replace the functions of the state. This form of anarchism is largely an American phenomenon and first emerged in the 1950s (although it arguably has its roots in 19th century individualist anarchism and classical liberalism). Key thinkers include Murray Rothbard.







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