Alex Peak

What kind of anarchist are you?

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My Answers

1. What do you hate the most about the government?

It has been taken over liberals who want to take away our independence and make America part of one worldwide socialist government.
It encourages environmental destruction, mass consumption and an artifical lifestyle that depends too much on technology.
It takes away our freedom to choose and forces us to fight wars and pay taxes without our consent.
It protects greedy business owners and CEOs at the expense of working people.

2. What is the key to overthrowing the system?

Refuse to cooperate with unjust laws, live outside the system, set an example with my personal life and inspire others to do the same.
build a fortified compound, stockpile weapons and supplies, bomb federal buildings
Sabotage, arson, anything that destroys the machinery of oppression
Organize the workers, wage a worldwide general strike, take over our workplaces and run them ourselves democratically.

3. Where do you go for inspiration?

a picket-line of striking workers
my underground bunker
somewhere quiet where I can reflect
wilderness--forest or mountains

4. What will you do the celebrate on the day of victory?

occupy a distillery and brew drinks for my fellow workers
Dance on the ruins of multinational corporations--then have a bonfire in the woods
whatever I feel like, as long as it doesn't infringe on the freedom of others
shoot my gun in the air and wave a Confederate flag

5. What is your biggest fear about your movement's chances for success?

The bosses will succeed in dividing the working class.
It might already be too late to save the planet.
The government will crush us with brute force.
I thought I saw my militia commander wearing a Free-Mason ring.

6. Who's your favorite author?

Thomas Jefferson
John Zerzan
Mikhail Bakunin
Leo Tolstoy

(Although I’m slightly familiar with each (except Zerzan), I must admit with shame that I have not read enough of their works to make a good judgment here.)

7. What do you think of Marxists ("Big C" Communists)?

They stand for industrial civilization just like the capitalists. They have nothing in common with us.
They're authoritarian a-holes just like the leaders of the governments they overthrew.
They already control the U.S. government and soon they'll make us their slaves unless we shoot them all first.
They're right about capitalism but wrong about the state.

My Results


You are an anarcho-individualist. You are not necessarily against community, but your focus is on individual freedom and morality. It is your personal obligation to resist the government and set an example for others by refusing to pay taxes, join the military or obey unjust laws. You might be a pacifist or a bomb-throwing assassin, a spiritual devotee or a militant atheist, a feminist queer, a traveling squatter or even a neo-pagan. Other anarcho-individualists may be very different than you, but you are all united in your refusal to cooperate with the system and your vision of a world where everyone is free to follow the dictates of their conscience.