Alex Peak

What kind of anarchist are you: the sequel

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My Answers

1. Preferred bathroom reading material:

The Utne Reader
The Emma Goldman Reader
Evasion (crimethinc)

2. At your local anarchist bookfair, you're most likely to be found:

Doing the dishes
Talking over everyone around you
Trying to sign people up for the NDP/Democrats/insert 'leftmost political party' here
Arguing with a Trot somewhere

3. You tend to organize:

meet'n' greets with the Council of Canadians
your bookshelf/the occasional union
keggers at which you vomit all over the front steps/ panel discussions in which you are the star
fundraisers in solidarity with sex workers' rights groups

4. At the local anti-war rally you:

hand out petitions
pass out leaflets for your anarchist reading circle
yell 'Fuck War' loudly into the megaphone, never mind those toddlers over there
play in a marching band

5. What role do you take in groups you're part of?

Vibes Watch
Facilitator, Childcare or Dishwasher
Perpetual Interrupter

6. Property Destruction is...

Hmm... gasoline or bricks? So many options to research...
Fun to take part in without getting the consent of an event's organizers
Best carried out in the wee hours of the night
A little too radical for me

7. My partner...

cleans up after me, listens to me talk over them, buys the beer
I don't use the term 'partner'; it's too gay.
is theory.
(or partners) is/are pretty cool, though friends are important too.

(I have never read any of these, but this one has the most intriguing title.)

My Results

Theory Head

Whoa there professor. All that book reading means no time for kittens. Perhaps when you come down from the ivory tower you'll make a lasting contribution to pop culture through an anti-hierarchical series of teen novels. Think Francine Pascal meets Emma Goldman...