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Which Libertarian Revolutionary are You?

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My Answers

1. Which document do you favor the most?

The Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith
A book of quizzes
My own works
Constitution of the United States
Guerilla Warfare, by Che Guevara
Let's Abolish Government, by Lysander Spooner

2. How do you describe your sense of style?

Traditional. A nice, respectable suit.
Nerdy. Bow ties and tweed coats.
Bold, new statements. Black.
Radical. Green fatigues and a gun!
Standard. Always a power tie, though.
Standard, with no special markings.

(Oh, wow.  All of these are so good.  Although I’m tempted to go with green fatigue (which I’m sure they’re asssociated with Hess), I’ll go with black (which I’m sure they’re associating with Konkin).  I don’t actually own a bow tie (which I’m sure they’re associating with Rothbard), but I’m not opposed to the idea of wearing one.  I do own some cool power ties (which I’m sure they’re associating with Rand), but I often wear a standard suit when I dress up (which I suspect they’re associating with Paul).  I’m guessing standard is going to LeFevre.)

3. What is your preferred weapon?

My club/posse/organization. It will solve all my problems.
My mind.
My time on the floor
I don't use weapons. It violates the non-agression axiom.
My book! READ IT!

4. If you could change one thing about society, what would it be?

Everything must go!!! ALL OF IT!
The gaping hole I see in politics/society.
The Income Tax. Lower it!
The culture. It's too nice, too soft.
I'd want an intellectual equal.
My prison record.

5. How do you treat your friends?

We have a gang here, and they all follow me.
We'll all hang out in my living room and chat about life changing stuff.
As equals.
They all look up to me. I'm more a mentor than friend.
We shall march in the streets, hand in hand!
I demand strict loyalty.

6. Where do you prefer to live?

Anywhere I can find fellow radicals.
A secret cave with many guns.
New York City. Achievement and awesomness everywhere I look!
A nice house with a living room the size of a convention hall.
A nice country villa, where I can drink tea with good friends.
Texas or Bust!

7. A new political party has been formed. It supports smaller government.

Hey, I started it! Par - tay!
Don't know...haven't thought of it...
It took my ideas!
It can't win.
Walk out!
Hahaha... LOL!!!

My Results

Murray N. Rothbard

Murray Rothbard

You're new. The matrix reorganizes itself when you show up. Murray Rothbard was a small, bald man who wore bow ties, yet was a committed revolutionary and anarchist. You are not exactly the king of the pyramid, but this is because you're unique.