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~Which perception of a political party are you?~

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Robin Hood's practice of taking from the rich and giving to the poor is...

A Crime
A brave, generous, and heroic deed (because the poor need some help; sometimes they can't help being homeless, etc)
a foolish attempt at social engineering
an inspiration to us all!

(Robin Hood actually committed no crime.  He wasn’t “stealing from the rich,” but rather was taking money away from the thieving tax-collectors, the thieving government, and giving that money back to the tax-payers where it belonged.  He’s a Randian hero.)

Your position on endangered species..?

don't spend anymore money on them...sometimes you need to know when to let go.
donate time and money to causes that will support the cause of helping these species!
who really cares?
do what you can...but humans are first

(I don’t see what this question has to do with politics.  Private charity and such is just that, private.)

What Law outdoes anything else?

God's Law
The U.S. constitution
The LITERAL interpreation of the Bill of Rights
The Party Chairman's

(Natural law.)

Television has far too much...

sex, nudity, and underwear advertising...too many taboos
PBS programming

Which tatoo would you get?

An American Flag on my chest (on the side my heart is)
A peace sign on my left arm
a Marijuana leaf on my bum
a hammer and sickle on my belly

Which is your favourite group of people?

Fidel Castro/Karl Marx
Ronald Reagan/ Strom Thurman
Bill Clinton/ Martin Luther King Jr.
Dennis Rodman/ Tom Green

(How about Tom Green/Martin Luther King Jr.?)

My Results

Libertarian: you crazy kid! you like to have 'fun'..but sometimes, you need to follow the rules and not be so harsh on others.