Alex Peak

What Type Of Anarchist Are You?

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My Answers

1. How Will Capitalism Be Abolished?

When the unions decide to.
When Mother Earth Gets Its Revenge...
What do you mean by "will"?
When a tight knit organization can lead the way
When a blend of the community and unions have the strength and proper knowledge
By assassinating Archdukes, elder statesmen and heads of state!

2. What Have You Read The Most?

Histories Of the Spanish Revolution
50 Page zines from Italy
Derek Jensen
Crimethinc Pamphlets

3. If you could join any group, what would it be?

I prefer my computer
All I Need is my 2 best mates
CNT-FAI! A las Barricadas!
Cherokee Nation
The Mahknovists!

4. What Is Your Favorite Drink?

Staright Edge!
Everclear On The Rocks With A Splash Of Gasoline
Rain Water
American Lager
Dark Frothy Swill
Vodka And OJ
Boxed Wine

5. Where Do You Work?

Wherever I Can Be Left Alone
Coffee Shop
Hot Topic
Consumer Co-op
lol @ work
I'm A Teacher/Professor
Heavy Industry

6. What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?

Indie Rock
Music Is A Distraction
Crust Or D-Beat
Early 90's West Coast Gangsta Rap
Rock N Roll
Percussion Based Indigenous Music From the Andes

7. What Is the Biggest Problem Facing Anarchism Today?

Anarchists are lazy.
The Democrats and Liberal Co-opting
The Pigs Been Clampin' Down On Graffiti
Authoritarian Socialists On the Upswing
Not Enough Magazines To Publish In.
Not as many Anarchists in Eugene as there used to be...
It's lack of organization.

(I have never read any of these, but this one has the most intriguing title.)

My Results


If Maoism had an anarchist cousin, you'd be it. The only difference is...Maoists have actually done things. So all that leaves is sectarianism. You write scathing critiques of leftist organization and groups, while offering up no alternatives. You see yourself as Avant Garde, and indeed, you have much in common with DaDa in that both of your products of labor are often nonsensical. As you get older, due to your intense hatred of the left, you may become a Libertarian Party USA member.