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What type of anarchist are you?

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My Answers

1. You see a gun and someone's in your way of getting it. You-

Don't need a gun. As long as it's not in the hands of police.
Might as well take it and make it your own.
Could use one. But is it worth the trouble of taking?
Want to be sure it belongs in the right hands.

(The right hands being the hands of whomever acquired it through voluntary, non-aggressive means.)

2. People in your group are starving. You have to fix the problem. You-

Ration supplies as appropriately as possible. If you can establish some sort of trade, you'll do it.
Steal it wherever you can. Doesn't matter, as long as your tribe survives.
Take it from someone outside. If there's no one, take it from the weakest of the tribe. He needs to get in line anyway.
say food should be free for everyone. As long as someone is hoarding it, there's a fight to be made.

(The only appropriate means of rationing goods is through the voluntary, mutual consent of free trade.)

3. Someone is causing problems amongst your group and you have to discipline them. You-

Establish what the appropriate punishment should be. Everybody deserves fair justice.
Have a short and sweet one-on-one time with them. They either get it in the first few seconds or they won't get it ever.
Make them your bitch for a while. Let's see what kind of a putz they are until you find a use for them.
Allow others to police themselves. You don't need to impose yourself as an authority, you fight against the authoritarian.

4. Someone is picking a fight with you. To make an example of them, you should-

walk alone and only fight the battles you must. What matters is the people are free.
Take them down in fisticuffs and show them you're not afraid of anything.
Hear out their complaint and find a reasonable ground to dispute it. A disagreement shouldn't lead to a fight.
Rip their neck out for all it matters. Who the hell is stupid enough to challenge you, the chief?

5. It's morning-time and everyone else is still asleep. You see a few useful items you could steal for yourself right now. You-

Let the chips fall where they may. There's little you need in liberty.
Take from the little suckers. They don't know how to use it properly anyway.
Leave everything alone. Property should never be violated.
leave it alone if they're in your tribe. There's plenty for you to take from the enemy already.

6. An enemy tribe is out to war with you. You-

Will stand for whatever means freedom. If they're trying to impose an authority, then they must be destroyed.
Let your pawns fight them first. Then when you can, slit their throats in their sleep.
Decide on negotiation first. If negotiation doesn't work, it's war they'll have.
have been waiting for this for a while. Nobody is too tough for you.

7. Finally. When you think of the world you daydream that . . .

If the world goes to hell, all that matters is you're on top.
The police state is destroyed, and real freedom once again can reign.
It'd sure be interesting if civilization fell to pieces. No guts, no glory.
Everyone can find a proper way to be civilized. Even in a catastrophe, people should hold fast to their sensibilities.

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Ralph - Lord of the Flies

The first order of business is to establish new law and order. You idealize the benefits of civilization and would like to see its return. You work hard to bring everyone together in a democratic and peacable organization.