Alex Peak

Will you survive the fascist police state?

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My Answers

1. A military Coup overthrows your nations Government, do you;

stand and deliver an grand speech as to why the new leaders should not be in power
Bow down to the new government, its just safer that way...
Bow down, then talk to the guy next to you and complain how unfair it is
gather resources and weapons, its time for action

2. You are the subject of a house search, soldiers are storming your house in order to find any signs of non- conformity, do you;

stand and watch, knowing youhave nothing to fear as an honorable citizen
protest against this outrage until confronted, then you back down
shoot the soldiers as they try to enter, then move houseto a more secure location
protest and proceed to grapple with one of the soldiers until they restrain you

3. The government is outlawing Emotion, how do you react?

you still use emotion, in your base of operations there are no spies, Or are there?
You don't, any reaction could be seen as an emotive response resulting in death
you freely flaunt emotion, nothing will stop you being human
you try and hide your emotions as best as possible, but suspicion falls on you when your heard complaining

4. You are being questioned as part of a security measure to ensure you allegience to the government, do you;

answer all questions truthfully, you have nothing to fear as a decent citizen
you answer truthfully whatever the outcome may be
answer almost truthfully, your hesitations causing concern with the interrogators
you lie freely but believably, lets hope they dont suspect anything

5. You are in a bar, the drunk next to you begins to talk of a rebel uprising, do you;

take note of names and dates and hand them in to the local enforcement officers
you tell him that sounds like a good idea, but regret to inform him you cant join in as you left the iron on
you ask him where it will be, so that as it all kicks off you can shout and cheer with the other rebels but duck when the preverbial hits the fan
you find out the place and time, grab your weapons and inform your men, this is it, time to liberate the world

6. You are found in amongst the uprising, do you;

spit in the face of the officer restraining you and dare him to arrest you
show them your badge of allegience and help round up the rebels
deny any knowledge, you were out shopping and got swept away by the crowds
shoot all enforcement officers, and make a stand, fighting until your last breath

7. Your partner is found to be a non- conformist, do you;

watch helpessly as they are led away to be executed
shout and scream evidence in their defence at anyone who is wiling to listen
spring them from their prison cell and retreat to the underground
give evidence as the prosecution, with a hint of shame that you were ever with them

My Results

You are a Rebel

Disgusted by the Government you attempt to overthrow it by any means necessary, you constantly think of new ways to spread the message of Liberalism and Democracy in the hope of destroying conformity and freeing Humanity. Viva La Revolution!