New Libertarian Manifesto

Samuel Edward Konkin III

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Samuel Edward Konkin III had suggested that—instead of updating the Manifesto with new notes—we simply publish it as is, as an historical piece of living theory that continues to grow to this day.  The only changes have been the correction of some persistent typos and minor changes for the sake of clarity made by the editor.  Mr. Konkin joined that great anarchist hoard in the sky on February 23, 2004, after a too-short lifespan of theoretical and practical experiments, traveling the world to bring the concept of agorism and New Libertarianism to eager listeners.


Twenty-five years after its publication, the Manifesto is still a brisk seller.  This on-demand edition—available worldwide—should continue the trend.


With the collapse of collectivism sweeping the world—a collapse brought about by the economic and moral consequences of such systems—Mr. Konkin’s analyses are all the more impressive for their accuracy.  If anything, New Libertarian Manifesto is more current now than ever.  Statism choked and died in the USSR. The UN as proto-World State is collapsing into toothless, impotent irrelevance.  Will inhabitants of the world continue the trend, [14] or do we need the frontier of Space to achieve the next evolutionary step in human action?


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—Victor Koman


March, 2006

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