How to Win the War on Terror

Alexander S. Peak

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25 July 2005;  updated 26 June 2007

Going into Iraq was, one could reasonably maintain, the stupidest decision our politicians could make, considering that our goal is to eliminate terrorism, not to give terrorists fodder for more terrorism.

Here’s how to win the war on terror:

A) Stop giving U.S. tax dollars to any and all foreign nations, especially dictatorships.

B) End all sanctions.

C) Repeal all trade embargos.

D) Repeal all tariffs and excise taxes.


1) Take a non-interventionist policy to the Middle East and the world.

2) Bring the troops home from Iraq, and all other nations in which our troops are currently stationed (with the exception of Afghanistan).

3) Commit ourselves to fighting wars solely for defensive purposes.

F) Sell off our foreign military bases.

G) Dismantle the Selective Services.

H) Withdraw from the United Nations, NATO, the “North American Union,” &c.

I) Focus on bringing down bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

Venturing off into an unnecessary war in Iraq just holds us back from our main goal of taking down al-Qaeda.  And, worse yet, it worked against our goal, for it created chaos in a nation in an area of the world in which we very much need stability right now.  It encouraged the anti-American sentiment in the Middle East to grow, and placed us all under greater danger.

In 1801, President Thomas Jefferson stated we need peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.  This advice is just as useful today as ever.

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